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Halo Security uses a predictable scoring system to help you see the likelihood that you’ll experience a perimeter breach.

Your risk scores show you which of your targets are at the greatest risk, so you can focus your remediation efforts on those targets first, instead of issues that don’t pose as much of a threat.

With risk scores readily available to you, you’re able to more easily show your team and stakeholders the work you're doing to secure your attack surface. By focusing them on a simple, numeric indicator of your security posture, you can prioritize, predict, and align your business toward shared objectives that you can easily measure over time.

How to interpret your risk scores

Risk scores range from 0-10,000. The higher your risk score, the greater the chance that your perimeter could be breached.

There are 3 phases of the risk score, indicating varying levels of health.

Green (0-299)

A healthy risk score indicating that you have a low chance of experiencing a perimeter breach.

Yellow (300-599)

A deteriorating risk score that indicates action may be needed to secure your perimeter.

Red (600+)

An unhealthy score indicating action should be taken to improve your perimeter security.

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