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You can choose from several different types of accounts when you add new users. Each type of account comes with different privileges:

  • An "Administrator" has full access to the account with all permissions including account maintenance, users, billing information, and subscriptions.

  • A "Power User" has similar permissions to an administrator except they can't edit or view subscriptions and they do not have access to billing information.

  • A "User" can start scans and view reports. They can manage issues and acknowledge hosts across your attack surface.

  • A "Viewer" is one of the most limited roles. They can assign or update the status of worflows. A viewer can also view and download reports. They can't view subscriptions, other users on the account or access billing information.

  • A "Billing" user can update or edit payment information. They can also create or cancel subscriptions.

  • The "No Login" role essentially disables the user. They won't be able to log into the account.

For instructions on how to add a user, click here.

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