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How do I integrate SSO for OneLogin?
How do I integrate SSO for OneLogin?
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Setting up a SAML integration for OneLogin involves several steps:

  1. In OneLogin, go to the "Applications" page and click the "Add App" button.

  2. Select the "SAML Test Connector (IdP w/ false attributes)" application and follow the prompts to add a new application.

  3. On the application's configuration page, you'll need to specify the SAML settings for your application. You can find the following information here:

    1. Audience (Entity ID)

    2. ACS (Assertion Consumer Service) URL

    3. Single Logout URL

  4. In the mappings configuration section, you'll need to specify how the attributes in the SAML assertion will map to user attributes in OneLogin.

  5. On the configuration page, you'll find the SP metadata information that you'll need to provide Halo Security. This information includes the certificate and endpoint information that the application will use to verify the authenticity of the SAML assertion from OneLogin.

  6. You can provide the Issuer Entity ID, SAML URL ID, and Certificate information to Halo Security on the SAML Authentication overview page under Identity Provider Information.

  7. After configuring the SAML integration, you'll need to assign users to the application. This will allow them to access the application through OneLogin.

  8. After configuring the integration and assigning users, you should test the integration by logging in to your application using OneLogin. Verify that the SAML assertion is being passed correctly and that the user is able to access the resources they need.

These are the basic steps for setting up a SAML integration for OneLogin!

For more information, consult the OneLogin documentation and the documentation for your specific application.

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